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Connect to Prairie Pasture Hub

There's a few ways to get involved with Prairie Pasture Hub:
1) Support important grassroots farm education towards regenerative agriculture by subsizing a portion of farmer's training fees with the help of;
2) Buy regeneratively-raised, locally produced meat, leather and wool in your area.  To do so, sign up for our newsletter below and we'll share highlights from our producers along with brands aligned with the Land to Market Program;
3) Stand up for grasslands - share with farmers and ranchers in your area about Holistic Management and the Prairie Pasture Hub!


The People Behind Prairie Pasture Hub:

Danielle Mondor, Partner Liaison

Danielle is a city gal who has worked as a market-gardener (Wiens Shared Farm, The Landless Farmers Collective) and farm educator (FortWhyte Farms) since 2002.   As a steward of the prairies, she pursues means to increase food sovereignty, ecological health and viable prairie livelihoods through regenerative farming, land-based decision making and strengthening urban/rural relationships. Danielle works at T&T Seeds, is a board member of Direct Farm Manitoba and also a part-time garlic farmer.  She lives in Winnipeg.

Contact Danielle at

Erin Crampton, Public Liaison

Erin is a former farm kid who knows that financial abundance, farm succession, ecological regeneration and strong rural communities all depend on each other.  "Our prairie pastures and the farmers who steward them saved Canada from the 1930's dust bowl.  They are the heroes currently providing Canadians the hope for an abundant future."

Contact Erin at

Advisory Council

Prairie Pasture Hub is guided by a handful of awesome ranchers, farmers, soil advocates and land stewards committed to regenerative agriculture in Manitoba and Canada.  Thank you!  To get involved on the Council, contact us!

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Want to help farmers get the training?  Donate to our crowd funding campaign. 

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