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Regenerative Agriculture
Prairie Pasture Hub is on it's way to becoming an accredited Savory Learning Hub of the Savory Institute, committed to increasing holistic management and regenerative agriculture in Manitoba and Canada by:
1) Connecting farmers and ranchers with up-to-date education to learn about holistic management, planned grazing, financial sustainability and regenerative agriculture;
2) Increasing the number of HM educators through Train-the-Trainer framework;
3) Monitoring soil health and land regeneration using the internationally recognized standard called the 'ecological outcome verification'  (EOV);
4) Collaborating with industry already doing great work in HM, restorative farming, water management, resource conservation, economic development, biodiversity and community health;
5) Connecting farmers and ranchers to the Savory Global Network and Land-to-Market Programs so that local and national consumers can benefit from nutritious, sustainably-raised foods.
Learn more about the Savory Global Network

Want to help farmers get the training?  Donate to our crowd funding campaign. 

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